A Different Kind of Precision Medicine

We are building a pipeline of targeted cancer therapies by harnessing both our macrocycle platform and our expertise in structure-based design.

Our pipeline is built on small molecule, orally available therapies designed to bind to their targets with greater precision and affinity than other kinase inhibitors. By precisely targeting the cell signaling pathways that drive cancer growth and progression, we have selected each drug candidate in our pipeline for its potential to be a best-in-class therapy.

Repotrectinib (ROS1/TRK)1

Early Stage Clinical Development
Late Stage Clinical Development
Regulatory Submission

TRIDENT-1: Advanced NSCLC (ROS1) And Solid Tumors (NTRK)


CARE: Pediatric Advanced Solid Tumors


TRIDENT-2: KRAS-Targeting Combination


Elzovantinib (MET)1

SHIELD-1: Advanced Solid Tumors


SHIELD-2: EGFR Combination


TPX-0046 (RET)2

SWORD-1: Advanced Solid Tumors


TPX-0131 (ALK)2

FORGE-1: Advanced NSCLC


Discovery Programs



p21 Activated Kinase


Multiple GTPase Oncology Targets


1Partnered with Zai Lab in Greater China; Turning Point retains worldwide rights outside of Greater China.

2Turning Point retains worldwide rights.