Corporate Giving

Working to improve the lives of patients through progress in medicine and health care, we provide grants to support valuable education and research.

We support independent initiatives to improve patient outcomes in areas of unmet medical need that are aligned with Turning Point Therapeutics’ medical and/or scientific strategies. Requests for support can be made in the following categories:

Independent Medical Education

Independent medical education grants may be provided to a variety of organizations that meet specific criteria and provide quality education in science and medicine. These programs are designed to deliver the most up-to-date information on current, new and emerging therapies. Examples include healthcare provider education, patient education, fellowship or residency programs, and other educational programs.

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Sponsorships or collaborations to advance science and health through medical education where Turning Point Therapeutics has involvement or receives something in exchange including tangible benefits and/or intangible benefits. Examples include a time slot to deliver a presentation, booth space, and meeting support.

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Healthcare Charitable Contributions

Funding includes financial and non-financial (in-kind) support given to registered, legitimate non-profit or charitable organizations. Charitable contributions are not provided for healthcare professional education initiatives. Examples include charitable donations to patient organizations or patient advocacy for disease awareness.

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Compassionate Use / Expanded Use

Expanded Access, also known as Compassionate Use, is the use of an investigational medical product prior to FDA approval and outside of use in a clinical trial. Turning Point accepts Single Patient Expanded Access requests for pre‑approval access to investigational drugs from physicians only.

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